This fun filled fictional book is the secret weapon that will get middle school children excited about REAL science, technology, engineering and math! From the first page to the last, readers are enthralled by the book’s adventurous characters as they hunt down the evil H1NO1 viral villain. The book is designed to make readers feel like they’re joining the characters on dangerous viral hunts and sharing in their thrilling experiences. As the characters travel from inside a majestic rain forest; then through the earth’s stratosphere, readers will feel like virtual explorers learning about places and things that will entice them to want to learn more.

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Nanorobots and the HUNT FOR H1NO1 2nd Edition

“A bundle of Common Core STEM Standards wrapped inside this parent/teacher’s manual!”  -Gloria Darby, M.Ed, Education Consultant

This fun filled parent/teacher’s manual is the secret weapon that can get middle school students excited about learning STEM! This manual guides instructors in the use of methods designed to grab students’ attention and keep them focused throughout all thirty sessions.  The manual does this by following along with the fictional adventures of characters in the accompanying book, Nanorobots and the Hunt for H1NO. After each book chapter, the manual demonstrates how to pull teachable moments from the chapter that align with Common Core Standards in ecology, renewable energy, genetics, technology and mathematics.

As students follow the book characters through their journey into the majestic beauty of the dangerous Ituri Rainforest, the manual demonstrates how to pull teachable moments about biodiversity and ecology.  When the characters get trapped inside a pitch black cave-maze with nothing to help them except their prior knowledge of mathematics and strategic planning, the manual gives instructions on how students can use math to figure out an exit strategy.  When the characters accidentally stumble into the hideout of an evil scientist who is plotting to genetically engineer mutant viruses that will take over the world, the manual aligns common core standards from critical thinking skills, science ethics, renewable energy, and nanotechnology to demonstrate how the characters plan to outsmart the evil scientist.   When the characters discover that the evil scientist hydro powered his hideout to generate electricity, the students are instructed to design their own cave-maze model and design a hydro powered generator for lighting.  The manual provides clear instructions on all the materials the students will need to create an integrated STEM project. 


30 Sessions of Stimulating and Engaging STEM Activities! The manual starts by having parents/teachers give students a

pre-test of the 30 STEM questions to determine baseline knowledge of common core middle school STEM concepts. At the end of the 30 manual sessions, the parents/teachers will use the same test to post-test for increase from baseline knowledge scores.  The manual is used to follow along with  the awesome fictional adventures of the characters in the H1NO1 book, the manual demonstrates step-by-step guidelines on how to transform fiction into factual STEM that grabs the students' attention and keeps them focused throughout all 30 sessions.

Nanorobots and the Hunt for H1NO1: Teacher's Manual 2nd Edition